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Yoga Classes For Children

Little Yoga Studio specialises in teaching yoga to children ages 3-11 in schools, group sessions and private classes. Teaching in Chelmsford and around Essex using the renowned Yoga Bananas Technique.

Adult Yoga Classes

Our yoga classes in Chelmsford strengthen our connection to Self through mindful movement, breathing and relaxation. Taught in weekly groups or private sessions, these classes are suitable for all.

Family Yoga Classes

A fun and inspiring activity for parent and child. Our family yoga classes introduce yoga poses through creative storytelling, with breathing exercises, mindful games and relaxation to enjoy together.

Children’s & Adults Yoga
Chelmsford & Across Essex

Little Yoga Studio offers yoga classes in Chelmsford, Essex to children and adults. Our aim is to share the wonderful benefits of yoga – deepening our connection to ourselves and others – with all ages and levels of experience.

Our children’s yoga classes, for ages 3-11, explore their natural flexibility. Helping them nurture a positive image of themselves and others; inspiring their imaginations through poses told in the form of creative adventures.

Using the Yoga Bananas Technique, there are over 170 techniques for children to explore, all of which increase their physical and mental strength, stamina and poise. Each encourage an emphasis on the breath, channel their physical energy and support their wellbeing.

For adults, we teach dynamic and uplifting yoga classes in Chelmsford. Restoring and strengthening unity between the body and mind through mindful movement, breathing and deep relaxation.

Suitable for all levels of experience, our Vinyasa Flow style classes are perfect for those new to yoga as well as those looking to deepen their experience.

Based in Chelmsford, Little Yoga Studio teaches yoga classes weekly groups, private classes, yoga studios and schools.

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Happy New Year 🎉 Here’s hoping 2021 will be a little kinder to us all 🙏🏻
The start of a new year never fails to fill me with hope. And even if after the year previous it might only be a glimmer, it reminds me that there’s so much opportunity for wonderful things to happen.

This week we’re back to classes and I’m so looking forward to seeing some familiar and new faces. My offerings now include a Monday evening Mindfulness & Meditation class which I’m really excited about! 2020 saw me dive deeper into my study of meditation with the late @michaelstoneteaching and I’m so excited to share this offering with you. Full details of this month’s classes and booking info is in the bio. Love to all x

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I have a love/hate relationship with this ‘inbetween’ period. On one hand I love not having to rush around or commit to times or mammoth to do lists. I’m all for lazy days, pjs and just being in the moment. But on the other, I find myself bursting with ideas that I want to action and missing some sort of routine.
Judging by my current reading stack and the words of my mantra this year, I know that so much can be found in these periods of quiet. In the present moment. Without having to be physically “doing” all the time. Sometimes doing less, really is doing more for yourself. Repeat, repeat, repeat 😉
As we come to the close of the year, many of us will be reflecting on 2020. What a year. But also, what a journey. In my latest newsletter which went out this week, we discuss these reflections and setting intentions for the year to come. And sure, while there’s a lot to be said for this year, there’s so much we’ve all overcome. As I set aside time to write my own intentions and mantra for 2021, I’m reminded of the gold @tarabrach routinely provides:

‘There is something wonderfully bold and liberating about saying yes to our entire imperfect and messy life.’

Here’s to going easy on ourselves. To take time to celebrate the triumphs. To continue with our inquiries, compassionately. Love to all 🙏🏻

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Been quiet on the ‘gram of late as we navigate the latest shift. Classes finished last week and the days since have been a blur of feeling all the emotions at the latest lockdown; Christmas disappointment, missing other humans terribly and trying to be creative with ways to occupy the little ones. Despite the obvious frustrations, it’s brought us back to celebrating the little things once more. Less rushing, walks in the drizzly weather, painting in our pyjamas and lots of lots of chats (mostly by the big 👧🏼). Gratitude has helped us navigate the highs and lows of this crazy year and it’s drawing us towards simplicity. This time together; our health, a fridge full of food and Zoom to reach the people we can’t hug right now.
On that note, I once again want to say a huge thank you to each and every person who has come to class this year. It’s kept me going and for that I feel truly grateful. I’m poised to put that in writing to you soon, along with a free practice should you like one over the festive period. If you’re not on my mailing list and would like it, please drop me a message. My head is bursting with ideas for 2021 but more of that another time. Off to ice gingerbread and stick googly eyes on more egg box creations. Love to all 🙏🏻

#littleyogastudio #yogaforall #yogastudent #yogajourney #lockdown #lockdownlife #gratitude

Solstice blessings to all ❄️

Today marks the Winter Solstice; a time where the darkness has expanded to its fullest and must now bow down to the sun.

It’s certainly been a year. And although it might not feel distinctly apparent, the energy of the earth is shifting; from darkness to light, contemplation to action. As we explored in classes last week, the Solstice feels like the pinprick of light in amongst the darkness ✨

Taking time to reflect on the year that’s been; what wisdom we’d like to take with us into the new year and contemplating what we’d like to bring out into the light in the new year is a lovely way to mark this shift.

I read this passage from The Upanishads in classes last week. It continues to remind me of the importance of making space for ourselves, so that we can find that thread from our hearts and draw it out through our many layers, intact, into the world around us:

‘You are what your deepest desire is.
As is your desire, so is your intention.
As your intention is, so is your will.
As your will is, so is your deed.
As your deed is, so is your destiny.’

#littleyogastudio #yogaforall #wintersolstice2020 #wintersolstice #reflections #yoga

‘In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me lay an invincible summer.’ ✨ ~ Albert Camus.

Our last Slow Flow to Restore of 2020 is this evening and we ll be contemplating the coming Winter Solstice. Plenty of time for rest and reflection, and also considering what intentions, dreams and visions we want to awaken in the coming weeks and months ☁️

You can join us live or via a recording, link in the bio. Have a beautiful Friday everyone 🙏🏻

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Self portrait of a woman trying to find the crumbs of positivity through another Tier 3 announcement; who has a tax return to finish and hasn’t found a hairbrush yet.

How are you?

Owing to the latest announcement, there will be no public Yoga For All at @beaulieucommunitycentre tomorrow but we will be zooming. Looking forward to connecting with you all virtually.

We’ll be reconnecting with our intentions, moving with the breath and settling into a Yoga Nidra to soothe the senses.

Link in bio. Also check out today’s stories on ways we can support the hospitality industry at this difficult time.

#littleyogastudio #yogapractice #onlineyoga #zoomyoga #seatatthetable #tier3 #passthehairbrush

‘You are what your deepest desire is. As is your desire, so is your intention. As is your intention, so is your will. As is your will, so is your deed. As is your deed, so is your destiny.’ ~ The Upanishads.

Ahead of next week’s Winter Solstice, we’ll be gently exploring the coming shift of energies in practice this week. Tuning into our intentions; ahead of us taking the time to reflect on the year gone past and the wisdom we want to take with us. Seeking out the pinprick of light in amongst the darkness that the Solstice provides; the coming subtle move from the energy of the darkness (Tamas) to the energy that spurs us to bring our dreams & intentions to life (Rajas).

As the sun is reborn at the Solstice, the earth’s energy shifts from darkness to light; from contemplation to action.

I’ve a few offerings this week, our last week of yoga in 2020, so feel free to join where you’d like 🧘🏼‍♂️

MONDAY \\ Mindful Flow (cover) \\ 7.30-8.30pm - Via Zoom
Book via Yoga at the Mill

WEDNESDAY \\ Yoga For All \\ 8-9pm - @beaulieucommunitycentre & livestream

THURSDAY \\ Gentle Yoga Flow (cover) \\ 9.30-10.30am - via Zoom
Book via Yoga At The Mill

FRIDAY \\ Slow Flow to Restore \\ 7.30-8.30pm - via Zoom

SATURDAY \\ Vinyasa (cover) - 11.15-12.30pm - via Zoom
Book via Yoga At The Mill

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The post-practice magic ✨
With just one more week of teaching before the Christmas break, I can safely say I’ve felt it all this week 😂 Periods where my brain is buzzing with ideas; what I’d like to offer and share and learn in 2021, along with times of serious tiredness and a real need to lie down and sleep.

After class this morning, I was reminded of the magic that happens not only during a movement or meditation class, but in the moments that follow it. Almost a sense of all the energy and feelings settling and the clarity sweeping through. I really invite you to sense into that time after any sort of practice too - tuning into your body and your mind as the work takes root within you.

Looking forward to a restful weekend continuing to cultivate ideas, interspersed with periods of lying down, cosy fires and cups of tea. Happy Saturday all 🧘🏼‍♂️

#littleyogastudio #yoga #thoughtsoftheday #thesacredpause #yogateacher #yogastudent #chelmsfordyoga #essexyoga #mindfulness #yogapose

Connecting to spirit ✨
The words of Glennie Kindred never fail to land deeply: ‘Meditation is our natural ability to connect to spirit.’

Of course meditation doesn’t always feel easy and natural. In fact at times it can feel really difficult as our minds tell us we have a 1,000 other places to be, things to do - a feeling I know very well as my own practice evolves.

But by cultivating a regular practice of mindfulness, said to be the heart of Buddhist meditation, we can experience more deeply the power of the present moment.

From January, I ll be sharing a ‘Mindfulness Meditation’ practice every Monday. I’m really excited about this class particularly as my own path hasn’t been smooth, but that over time the discoveries I’ve made in my practice have been so helpful.

Ahead of the new offering, here are a few tips to creating your own practice. In my experience, setting time aside each day at the same time really helped, knowing that you can start with 5 minutes and slowly build it up.

1) Making space where you can sit quietly each day at a regular time. Perhaps on a cushion or a chair.

2) Set a timer. Clock-watching isn’t helpful here, so having a timer alert you when your 5/10/15 minutes are up is great.

3) Notice your breath in your belly. Simply observing the natural rhythm of your breath, without trying to control the breath in any way.

4) Observe when your mind wanders. When you start to go into story, simply guide your mind back to your breath.

5) Know that the ‘chitta vritti’ (mental chatter) is part of our human condition! Notice the wandering thoughts and guide yourself back to the breath.

6) Close your practice with gratitude. Some words of kindness that ll inspire you for the rest of the day.

Happy Friday all 🙏🏻
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As we come towards the darkest time of the year, we’re reminded that Winter calls us to stillness. Going gently; making time for things that make us feel good; walks, yoga, reading, journaling - these all help us through the darker days.

I’m certainly feeling the pull to rest more. Less time on these little squares and more time creating little pockets of quiet.

With just two more weeks left of classes until 2021, we’ll be exploring ways to take that sacred pause. Shift from doing into being.

You can join us for in person classes on the next two Wednesdays @beaulieucommunitycentre or join us for a livestream or recording. As always, link in the bio.

I ll be hitting send on a new newsletter with a free mindfulness meditation practice soon. If you’d like it, let me know. Happy hump day all ♥️

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‘To live in this world
you must be able 
to do three things:
to love what is mortal;
to hold it
against your bones knowing
your own life depends on it;
and where the time comes to let it go,
to let it go.’ ~ In Blackwater Woods by Mary Oliver.

Post meditation thoughts and remembering this little guy who followed us around on our walk today ♥️.

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Happy Sunday ♥️ Not much to report here, just an easy weekend putting up the 🌲, walks, playing with my 👧🏼 + 👶🏻, yoga and food. All of my favourite things to be exact.

Wishing everyone a restful Sunday. A reminder that whenever we feel the narrative of ‘keep pushing on’ filtering in, to simply stop and observe the natural world around us. At the darkest time of year, a time for introspection, to nourish our roots, let’s give in to the call to rest instead 🙏🏻

This week’s classes in stories. Love to all. #littleyogastudio #yoga #yogapose #yogaeverydamnday #slowliving #sunday

‘Life is amazing. Then it’s awful. And then it’s amazing again. And in between the amazing and awful it’s ordinary and mundane and routine. Breathe in the amazing, hold on through the awful, and relax and exhale through the ordinary. That’s just living heartbreaking, soul healing, amazing, awful, ordinary life. And it’s breathtakingly beautiful.’ L. R. Knost.

Words that I feel perfectly capture the mood of the moment. This picture is a natural stream that we discovered runs right by our house during Lockdown 1.0. The beautiful in amongst some of the awful.

Happy snowy Friday all. Warm up with us tonight in the last class of the week - Slow Flow to Restore 7.30-8.30pm.

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Yoga frequently reminds me that 10 minutes (or 6 minutes reduced to 1 in the case of this video) is a powerful thing. Taking just small pauses in your day, to engage your senses and do something you love, makes you feel good. These are facts. It’s interesting that something so simple can sometimes feel so hard isn’t it?
I frequently have to remind myself to let go of perfection. Oh hi Ahimsa. To do less and feel more. To not compare myself with others and not engage with the constant glorification of busy. Ugh. No no no. It’s a work in progress for sure, but one my practice encourages me to sit with often. Coming back to the now, always, is key.

And in the words of the awesome @glennondoyle, ‘we can choose to be perfect and admired, or to be real and loved.’

I know what I’d choose every time 😉
#littleyogastudio #yogavideo #brainbreak #doless #mindfulnesspractice #yogalove

‘Choose courage over comfort,
Choose whole hearts over armour.
And choose the great adventure of being brave and afraid,
At the exact same time.’ ~ Brene Brown 💥

I ll never tire of reading these words. In fact, I’m writing down them down in my diary this morning so I can see them all week.

Happy Sunday all! #littleyogastudio #brenebrownquotes #quotestoliveby

‘You can’t heal what you can’t feel’ 🍂

As my exploration into mindfulness practices continue, these words from the late @michaelstoneteaching on my course continue to remind me of the journey we embark upon in our meditation.

Turning towards our experience and noticing when our minds wander out of the present help us discover the codes to our nervous systems.

How many times have you experienced feelings of not being able to breathe properly in your body? Felt tension in the muscles? Tightness in your jaw, your face, your breath?

Mindfulness interrupts the habit of trying to escape how we re feeling. Instead we’re given the tools to move towards our experiences. If we want to know how we work in our own unique way, we need to sit and watch.

Consistent practice is back for me and while it’s certainly not easy, it’s definitely fascinating. I’ve noticed when my mind skips off and goes into story (frequently) and how I can gently coax it back. I’ve also noticed throughout my day when my attention quite literally goes on a road trip, and when the logical, repetitive side of my brain is hogging my internal speaker.

Still, inwards I go.

I’ve got an exciting new class beginning next year which I ll be sharing in the next few days. Wonder if you can guess what it is? 😉 Newsletter dropping imminently.

#littleyogastudio #mindfulness #myjourney #mindfulness #mindfulnesspractice #mindfulnessmeditation


As we come to the busiest and for some, the most stressful time of year (coupled with 2020), all around us are calls to ‘keep pushing through’ and ‘get it all done before Christmas.’ No wonder so many of us feel overworked, exhausted and unhappy. Why are we doing this?

If our physical yoga practice reminds us not to push ourselves past our boundaries of what feels good & safe, our practice off the mat reminds us to take time for introspection; to check in with what’s important for us and to not live to someone else’s boundaries, or lack of.

Yoga philosophy teaches us the importance of self-inquiry and self-study. With practices that help us connect within and listen to what feels good, we can live in a more happy and fulfilled way. Sometimes simply asking what would feel good or what we need to change is a great place to start!

One of the ways I bring myself back is by taking a look at the natural world around us. As nature strips itself back, the trees lose their leaves and takes the goodness back into the soil, I’m reminded this isn’t the time of year for great action. It’s a time to nurture our roots.

Turning off our phones is another one 😉

We’ll be exploring this further in our practices this week. A way to check in, feel good and successfully bat off the hype around us. And quite frankly, enjoy ourselves!

Tuesday // FREE Lunchtime lockdown meditation // 12-12.30pm

Wednesday // Yoga For All // 8-9pm

Friday // Slow Flow to restore // 7.30-8.30pm

Join us live or via recording by booking through the link in the bio. Happy Monday all!

#littleyogastudio #onlineyoga #selfinquiry #selfstudy #svadhyaya #liveyourtruth #yogaforall

Seek out the light ✨

‘Nothing can dim the light that shines out from within.’ ~ Maya Angelou.

I don’t know about you, but lately there hasn’t been a whole lot of lightness. In fact this week has felt all a bit exhausting.

So today I’m doing what feels good. Which shall involve ditching my phone, chasing my littlest baby out in the fresh air somewhere, draping myself over a bolster and curling up in bed with a good book later on.

I feel we could all do with doing less, and smiling more right now, don’t you?

Let today be a chance to notice what makes your light shine brighter. What would you like to do more/less of? What makes you feel replenished and inspired? Whatever it is, let’s make sure it’s in our everyday 😊

And if like me, yours is yoga, last class of the week is Friday’s Slow flow to restore, 7.30-8.30pm.

Love to you all 👋🏻

#littleyogastudio #yogaforall #yoga #yogalove #mindfulness #mindfulliving #simplepleasures #mayaangelou

Soothing a busy, fluctuating mind on my mat this afternoon. Easing off that feeling of lethargy that’s crept in this weekend with gentle, continuous movement. Started feeling rather lacklustre but kept going, keeping my gaze soft and tuning into sensations and transitions. So often in yoga we work towards a particular pose or groups of poses, muscle groups etc, but coming to the felt sense and softening the wandering gaze has such powers to take us out of the constant story of the mind 🌸

On the mat this week:

Tuesday - lunchtime meditation (free!) - 12-12.30pm

Wednesday - yoga for all (vinyasa) - 8-9pm

Friday - slow flow to restore - 7.30-8.30pm

All classes can be booked via the link in the bio. Can’t attend live? You can also grab a recording too. Wishing you all a wonderful week 🙏🏻

#littleyogastudio #yogapractice #chelmsfordyoga #mindfulness


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