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Little Yoga Studio specialises in teaching yoga to children ages 3-11 in schools, group sessions and private classes. Teaching in Chelmsford and around Essex using the renowned Yoga Bananas Technique.

Adult Yoga Classes

Our yoga classes in Chelmsford strengthen our connection to Self through mindful movement, breathing and relaxation. Taught in weekly groups or private sessions, these classes are suitable for all.

Family Yoga Classes

A fun and inspiring activity for parent and child. Our family yoga classes introduce yoga poses through creative storytelling, with breathing exercises, mindful games and relaxation to enjoy together.

Children’s & Adults Yoga
Chelmsford & Across Essex

Little Yoga Studio offers yoga classes in Chelmsford, Essex to children and adults. Our aim is to share the wonderful benefits of yoga – deepening our connection to ourselves and others – with all ages and levels of experience.

Our children’s yoga classes, for ages 3-11, explore their natural flexibility. Helping them nurture a positive image of themselves and others; inspiring their imaginations through poses told in the form of creative adventures.

Using the Yoga Bananas Technique, there are over 170 techniques for children to explore, all of which increase their physical and mental strength, stamina and poise. Each encourage an emphasis on the breath, channel their physical energy and support their wellbeing.

For adults, we teach dynamic and uplifting yoga classes in Chelmsford. Restoring and strengthening unity between the body and mind through mindful movement, breathing and deep relaxation.

Suitable for all levels of experience, our Vinyasa Flow style classes are perfect for those new to yoga as well as those looking to deepen their experience.

Based in Chelmsford, Little Yoga Studio teaches yoga classes weekly groups, private classes, yoga studios and schools.

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‘The only thing that is ultimately real about your journey is the step that you are taking at this moment. That’s all there ever is.’ ~ Eckhart Tolle.

Sunday musings after a day doing all the slow things that fill you up. The extra hour meant a 5 mile walk with a friend absorbing all the beautiful colours around us, cake and later pumpkin carving with little people.

Wishing you all a restful Sunday 🙏🏻

A few changes on the mat this week as it’s half term:

Monday - Mindful Flow 7.15-8.15pm (cover)
Wednesday - Yoga for All 8-9pm - @beaulieucommunitycentre, Zoom or via a recording
Sunday - Family Yoga - 9.30-10.15am @beaulieucommunitycentre

Join via the link in the bio or DM for more info.

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Family Yoga has always been a really important practice for me to offer as a facilitator 🌸 Sharing the wonderful benefits of yoga, learning about our emotions and ways to rest, move, breathe and embrace all we are is as important for me to learn as it is my small people ♥️

After a long hiatus due to COVID closing our regular space, we re back Sunday, November 1st at @beaulieucommunitycentre 9.30-10.15am. A 45 minute session of uninterrupted time with your little loved one/s to have fun, relax and connect. If you’d like to join us, head to the link in the bio for more info & booking details.

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‘Looking at the beauty in the world, is the first step of purifying the mind.’ ~ Amit Ray.

Happy Friday all. Taking time to appreciate the beautiful changing colours of the leaves is a simple way to come into the present moment. Nature offers us simple joys everywhere.

Last class of the week is Slow Flow to restore. Move gently with us via Zoom or recording.

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Finding stillness is pure medicine for the soul right now.

There is SO much going on around us it’s hard to digest it all. But there is gentle practice, slow breath and rest that gives us the strength to meet ourselves, exactly as we are.

I ll be doing some gentle unwinding Friday evening on Zoom. An hour of embodied movement, breath awareness and meditation. If you’re in need of some tonic, feeling a resistance to practice at the moment, then join us either live or via recording.

Link in the bio for more information.

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‘We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are’ ~ Anais Nin.

Shifting perspective with Viparita Karani - legs up against the wall - pose. Prop a folded blanket or a bolster underneath the pelvis and your upper body and head get a juicy boost of blood flow. Great for re energising, soothing busy minds and weary bodies.

And also a beautiful reminder that not everything has to be really complicated or feel tough, to be transformative.

Join us this week for mindful movement and breath work.

Wednesday - Yoga For All (Vinyasa) - 8-9pm at @beaulieucommunitycentre, Zoom or via recording.

Friday - Slow Flow To Restore - 7.30-8.30pm via Zoom or recording.

DM to book or visit the link in my bio.

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Rooting down and rising up 🍁

Sometimes the little things really are the most impactful. I’m the first to admit I have a tendency to over complicate things! But even the smallest changes can make the biggest impact.

Today we’re doing my favourite Sunday things. A walk, a roast dinner, some wriggling on my mat while children join/climb/play around me. Relaxing together.

I’ve just started a course to deepen my Mindfulness meditation practice and how I share that. It’s reminding me that nothing is linear. It doesn’t have to mean 30 minutes on my cushion in blissful quiet (although that’s lovely too). It’s in the snatched moments while I sit with the 👶🏻 as she sleeps; while I prepare the dinner, noticing the sunlight through the trees as I walk; while my eldest lays her head in my lap and watches tv. It’s connecting with the world around us in the moment.

Sunday’s are often the day when we all try and slow it down. But why just Sunday? Here’s to blissful moments of embracing the NOWness 7 days a week.

If you’d like a free little mindfulness practice to try, drop me a DM and I ll pop over my latest newsletter to you. Happy Sunday ♥️

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‘When we accept what is in this present moment, without pushing or pulling, when there is no running or rushing away, we find in our practice a level of deeper acceptance and peace.’ ~ Michael Stone.

Leaving these words by a beautiful man here to remind myself of the importance of taking the time to sit and listen, even when it feels like a Herculean effort to do so. Which right now, it really does.

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Doing something far less energetic right now, because if this isn’t the season for varying energy levels, when is?! Hope you’ve all had a blissful weekend; felt the sunshine on your face, walked in the fresh air and done something that brings a genuine smile to your face.

This week we’re exploring opening the side body, an area that I feel gets often overlooked but brings such great release.
Classes are in the usual times and places and remember you can always purchase a recording to practice in your own time. Have a great rest of your Sunday ♥️

Wednesday - Yoga For All - 8-9pm @beaulieucommunitycentre Public class is fully booked but you can join via livestream or recording.

Friday - Slow Flow To Restore - 7.30-8.30pm via livestream or recording.

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‘You are the sky, everything else is just the weather.’ ~ Pema Chodron.

Welcoming the day with a few breaths in a rare moment of quiet this morning. Simple pleasures before the school run begins.

Last practice of the week is tonight’s Slow Flow To Restore. Gentle, breath focused movement, meditation and relaxation. My favourite way to ease into sleep.

Join us live or via the recording. Book through linktree in my bio. Wishing you all a beautiful Friday.

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Feel really grateful for having a little web of support around me at the moment ✨To those who help me with the day to day so I have some time to creatively think and put dreams into motion; to the friends who lend a kind ear and share their time and expertise; to my teachers who continue to inspire me and share their wisdom. I know we say parenting takes a village, but really life does too. Here’s to community that lifts you up 🙏🏻

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Ishvara Pranidhana ~ Surrender ✨

Accept you non acceptance.
Surrender to your lack of surrender.
Trust your inability to trust. Sometimes you have to lose your path to find it.
Let go of the destination; let the moment be your guide.
There is a surrender, deeper than surrender. Don’t try to surrender. Just surrender. To your total inability to surrender.
And discover you’ve already surrendered
You are built wide open
You are a vessel
You hold all life
You are life.
There is a surrender, deeper than surrender. And it is you. ~ @jefffosterofficial

The final #niyama on the mat this week:
Wednesday - Yoga For All - 8-9pm @beaulieucommunitycentre Live stream Recording

Friday - Slow Flow To Restore - 7.30-8.30pm Live Stream Recording

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Prioritising rest, stillness and breath in class tonight ♥️ In this weather is there a need for anything else?! Join us for some delicious restorative postures, pranayama and meditation.

Slow Flow To Restore 7.30-8.30 live via Zoom or get a recording to practice in your own time.

#littleyogastudio #slowflow #onlineyoga #zoomyoga #restorativeyoga #yogaposes #andbreathe #pranayama

Anyone else feeling the call to rest?

I’m sure after months of being at home we all promised we’d go slower. Take more time to appreciate the simple things. Find joy in walks, playing, creating. Yet it’s so easy to slip back into familiar routines... Familiar patterns of busy; all without taking the time to sit with what is. And with the path still feeling rocky, it’s all very exhausting 🤪 I’m very much feeling the need to find more points of stillness, more rest, more time to just be without doing doing doing all the time. Taking more time to sit and tune in, to move slowly, to nourish the root.

This Friday’s Slow Flow To Restore, 7.30-8.30pm, via zoom is all the above and more. Im seeing it as an ode to Autumn. Delicious unwinding after all the week has thrown at us. Join via the link in the bio.

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‘I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teachings of my soul.’ ~ Rumi ♥️

Welcoming in Svadhyaya ~ self study ~ in class this week. Arriving at the fourth #niyama in our #yogaphilosophy series, we re using our practice as a way to explore the inner workings of our selves. Learning about our habits, our patterns, our thoughts. Accepting ourselves wholly.
Join us for a soothing, introspective practice.

This week:

Wednesday Yoga For All 8-9pm on Zoom, @beaulieucommunitycentre & recording.

Friday Slow Flow To Restore 7.30-8.30pm on Zoom & recording.

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Taking a mini social media break this weekend. Less scroll, more time with my little ones / yoga / painting etc. Happy blustery weekend all 👋🏻

#littleyogastudio #chelmsfordyoga #socialmediabreak #socialmediadetox

Often there’s a need for movement. Sometimes just stillness. Or the beauty of both. Sometimes listening to music really loud and shaking it all out like your limbs are jelly (little yogis, you know this 😉). Screaming at the top of your lungs into the quiet after catching the latest news headlines. Hey, even taking time out for you just sitting on your bolster drinking a hot cup of tea completely undisturbed is good.

Just a reminder that all is welcome. All the feels; all the stuff. Welcome welcome welcome. Putting it out into the Insta-abyss as a reminder that what feels good for you doesn’t need to fit into someone else’s ideal.

#littleyogastudio #yogaforall #yoga #yogalove #thoughts #trusttheprocess #ramblings

And the Sun took a step back,
The leaves lulled themselves to sleep
and Autumn was awakened.
~ Raquel Franco

Equinox blessings 🍁

A time to pause, take stock, embrace the stillness amongst the chaos. Harvest the seeds we’ve sown and let go of what no longer serves.
The shift from Summer to Autumn can often feel hard as we bid farewell to the light, but remembering the balance of duality; light and dark, yin and yang etc, we re reminded that in darkness a lot can be illuminated.

My favourite season. Also, soup season 😉 😋

Join us as we ground and root up on the mat this week. Class timings in stories.

#littleyogastudio #yoga #yogaforall #yogastudent #yogateacher #autumn #autumnvibes🍁 #autumnequinox

Taking time for you is the best form of rebellion ✌🏻

Newsletter subscribers can look out for a blog I’ve just shared. It’s about a new practice that’s available ~ a Loving Kindness meditation.

One of my favourite practices and a really beautiful way to compassionately nourish yourself.

If you’re not on the list and would like to receive it please send me a DM.

Here’s to taking time for YOU. My dishwasher may need emptying among a whole host of other tasks still to be done, but this sunlight is glorious.

#littleyogastudio #takecareofyourself #lovingkindness #lovingkindnessmeditation #chelmsfordyoga #yogateacher #yogastudent #santosha

💞 S A N T O S H A 💞

Contentment / heartfelt gratitude...

Opening our hearts to all that we are and receive so that we can live with profound connection, acceptance and appreciation for what is - rather than living for what is not.

Join me this week as we delve deeper into our philosophy series and explore the Niyama of Santosha.

Wednesdays (8-9pm) @beaulieucommunitycentre, live online or via recording & Friday’s (7.30-8.30pm) online or recording.

#littleyogastudio #yogaforall #santosha #contentment #gratitude #heartfelt #gratitude #yogapractice #yoga #intentionalliving #intentions #niyamas #yamasandniyamas #yogaphilosophy #embodiment

Exploring some of my favourite ways to unwind in tonight’s class. Move, breathe and connect ~ everything we need.

Join us 7.30-8.30pm or purchase the recording. All details in the link in my bio.

#littleyogastudio #yogapractice #move #breathe #chelmsfordyoga


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