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Little Yoga Studio specialises in teaching yoga to children ages 3-11 in schools, group sessions and private classes. Teaching in Chelmsford and around Essex using the renowned Yoga Bananas Technique.

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Our yoga classes in Chelmsford strengthen our connection to Self through mindful movement, breathing and relaxation. Taught in weekly groups or private sessions, these classes are suitable for all.

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Little Yoga Studio offers yoga classes in Chelmsford, Essex to children and adults. Our aim is to share the wonderful benefits of yoga – deepening our connection to ourselves and others – with all ages and levels of experience.

Our children’s yoga classes, for ages 3-11, explore their natural flexibility. Helping them nurture a positive image of themselves and others; inspiring their imaginations through poses told in the form of creative adventures.

Using the Yoga Bananas Technique, there are over 170 techniques for children to explore, all of which increase their physical and mental strength, stamina and poise. Each encourage an emphasis on the breath, channel their physical energy and support their wellbeing.

For adults, we teach dynamic and uplifting yoga classes in Chelmsford. Restoring and strengthening unity between the body and mind through mindful movement, breathing and deep relaxation.

Suitable for all levels of experience, our Vinyasa Flow style classes are perfect for those new to yoga as well as those looking to deepen their experience.

Based in Chelmsford, Little Yoga Studio teaches yoga classes weekly groups, private classes, yoga studios and schools.

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I took this photo on a recent, very happy trip to the beach. The beauty & the sheer space of it can’t be felt from a photograph, but it got me thinking…

When we feel pulled in lots of different directions and like we can’t get any mental clarity, seeking external space really helps.

Moving our bodies in a way that feels good, can help make a path through the noise. In classes this month, we re focusing on making space. Particularly in the lungs and respiratory system, so as to really tune into the expansiveness of the breath.

Meditation can be tough when your head feels full. Remember that meditation doesn’t turn the switch of your thoughts off (I wish). Just five minutes of breath focused awareness and keep drawing your attention back when it wanders, REALLY works.

Journaling. Emptying the contents of your head onto a page can help mentally unload.

Be kind to yourself. Some days our heads can feel foggy, others clear, the rest a mixture of both.

Much like on some days, the sun is a glorious orb of happiness above the sea, while on others, the sky darkens and the waves crash.

It’s all part of us, as we are of it.

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What can you expect from a Family Yoga class? 👩‍👦‍👦

One of the main questions I get from parents with regards to Family Yoga or children’s yoga classes, is that they’re worried their children won’t sit still or be quiet. Thankfully, neither of these things are required!

Children are designed to move and this is actively encouraged in class. We explore traditional yoga practices in a fun, creative and mindful way, encouraging little ones to be imaginative and feel empowered to express themselves how they choose.

Yoga is great for them too; as it not only helps strengthen muscles and increases flexibility, but also improves concentration levels and supports their wellbeing.

What’s more, is having a relaxation together at the end of the class is arguably going to be the highlight of your day 😉

Next Family Yoga session is Saturday, Jan 15. New classes for children are coming too, so make sure you’re signed up to my mailing lis lot to hear about those first 🙏🏻

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‘Breathe deep, until sweet air extinguishes the burn of fear in your lungs and every breath is a beautiful refusal to become anything less than infinite.’ ✨~ D. Antoinette Foy.

In classes this month we’ve exploring the capacity of the lungs. In traditional Chinese medicine, the lungs are referred to as ‘the Priest,’ and by directing our focus here we’re looking at ways to breathe with a greater degree of awareness.

I really enjoy these practices as it gives us an opportunity to sense into the capacity for expansion that’s available with the breath. There’s a sense of real spaciousness there. As a detox organ, the emotion of grief and letting go is associated with the lungs - something I can certainly feel with these practices.

I’ve been practicing this sequence for the past week or so and find setting an intention really transforms it. Sometimes along the lines of an affirmation for good health and letting go into life’s fluctuations does the trick.

Next class is Wednesday’s Mindful Vinyasa at @beaulieucommunitycentre. In person is fully booked, but there are lots of online slots available via the link in the bio 👋🏻

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Better late than never with a Happy New Year! Took a longer than planned breather there from social media - and my word was it needed. Taking a step back to just be present and without the endless streaming to do list is refreshing.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely festive break. How are you feeling about January? It can often feel like mixed emotions (for me definitely). If you’re feeling inundated with all the ‘new year, new you’ messaging that’s so rife at this time of year, I thought I’d share these words and my 5 things for surviving January (and beyond):

1. INTENTION not resolution. The power of our focus, driven by what feels good, is a powerful catalyst for a positive mindset.
2. How does it make you FEEL? With everything that’s going on in the wider world (it’s still a lot isn’t it), I’m ditching anything that doesn’t make me feel good. It’s a great barometer for knowing what to say no to.
3. You don’t need to reinvent yourself or the wheel you’re currently running on. Yoga teaches us to meet ourselves where we are. It’s a work in, remember? Maybe that means rolling out your mat at home for 15 minutes when you can, or going back to a class you’ve enjoyed/been wanting to try.
4. Honouring your energy. Let’s be honest, it’s winter, some days it’s gloomy and we just don’t feel like getting out of bed at the crack of dawn. So go easy - let’s remember that nature is still hibernating so some days we need to rest too.
5. Treat yourself with the kindness you afford others. Going back to the Yama of Ahimsa here, and show ourselves some love. It shouldn’t be as difficult as it sometimes feels - what do I need right now? How does this make me feel? What would really serve me right now? Journaling these things can be a great way to make a clearer path through all the messy thoughts.

Looking forward to sharing some yoga this 2022…Let me know your thoughts on January below ⬇️

Can you answer the call to be still today? ✨

Today’s Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the year - a time when the darkness has reached its fullest and we can start welcoming back the sun, the light.

I love that idea that “hope is reborn at the Winter Solstice” (Jilly Shipway). While it might feel that we’re still shrouded in darkness, in all aspects, at this time, it’s the perfect grounds for planting seeds of intention for the year to come. These can help boost us, knowing that soon we’ll feel the energetic shift from idea to action.

Today, in amongst wrapping up last bits of work and my final class, I ll be taking some time to reflect; to pause. It’s certainly been a year(!), but what have I learnt? What have I found challenging? What have I enjoyed? And what do I want more of?

Connecting with the light within enables us to radiate it out through the final, darker phase of winter ☀️

📸: Winter Solstice at @stonehenge 2018.

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It’s a funny old time out there right now isn’t it? [massive understatement alert]. I’ve been a bit quiet on these little squares lately, as I attempt to really be mindful of what I’m soaking up.

For anyone feeling the same, here are a few things that are making me feel good right now, and hopefully might for you too:

1) Getting out in the fresh air. We hear this one all the time, but truly I believe it’s a miracle worker. Fresh air, wide open spaces, that feeling of really being IN your body - it’s powerful. Whack on a good podcast, chat with a friend, or enjoy the silence, it’s all good.

2) Moving your body. Whether it’s yoga (with or without your cat), a HIIT workout, or going for a run, it just has the ability to shift your mindset entirely. After having had hardly any sleep last night, I dragged myself to my studio to move, and felt like I came back a different person.

3) Consume mindfully. Whether it’s cooking a really delicious meal, or switching off the news (and the news alerts, and silencing those WhatsApp chats that bring you down), this helps create some healthy, mindful boundaries over what you welcome in.

4) Focus on what’s in your control. Right now for us, that’s really being present for time with my family, focusing on what truly brings us JOY and how we can embrace that a little more. This has made me realise how grateful and lucky we are right now, and act as a reminder when things are more challenging.

Sending lots of love and peace to your little corner of the earth right now.

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Looking forward to seeing some of you for the final week of classes before the Christmas break. Think of these offerings as a pre-Christmas wind down:

Mindful Flow 7.30-8.30pm
Via Yoga at the Mill

Mindful Vinyasa 8-9pm
@beaulieucommunitycentre & Zoom

Booking via the link in the bio. Love to you all x

📸: @kikamitchellphotography

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Lots comes up in your yoga practice. Today it was a sneezing fit, a conversation about Go Jetters and what snacks everyone was after a mere eight minutes after the last ones were eaten 😜

The bottom line is, the consistency of keep coming to your practice is important. Not whether it’s Insta-worthy, well planned, lengthy, or features the everyday distractions. Showing up, day after day, honouring what energy you have, is the key to transformative practice.

Off to make the next lot of snacks. Happy Saturday all.

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As we edge deeper into the December festive season, it can feel helpful and supportive to remind yourself of your personal boundaries.

To support and uphold your personal boundaries, enables you to protect your inner peace. Have you thought about what’s important for you to uphold when times are tough/challenging/busy?

Here are 3 things I’m reminding myself to uphold this December:

1) Your yoga practice changes all the time. It might over the busy festive period too. By dropping expectation and frustration, you can show up for yourself in a more compassionate way.

2) Keep showing up for yourself regularly. Whether it’s five minutes or conscious breathing, 15 minutes of mindful movement one day, or a deep Savasana the next - IT’S ALL YOGA. It doesn’t need to move mountains; showing up plants a seed daily. This is key to consistent, transformative practice.

3) Prioritise YOU. You’re likely to be pushed and pulled in lots of different directions at this time of year (Christmas is, after all, lots of celebrations sometimes!). Before you say ‘yes’ to someone else’s request, think about whether doing so sacrifices what you need to stay grounded and at ease.

Just some thoughts that have been ruminating recently 🙏🏻

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In amongst all the busy, may today be one where you look up a little more & see the beauty that is everywhere ✨

Spending the weekend class planning for the week ahead, which along with my regular classes includes a very special ‘Nurture & Nourish’ evening on December 10.

Join us online or at @beaulieucommunitycentre for an evening dedicated to unwinding, both in body & mind. Gentle yoga, breathwork, intention setting & deep relaxation. A donation from each booking will go to @bloodcancer_uk, a charity close to my heart.

There’ll also finally be a Christmas tree going up, along with us all watching Elf together and hopefully a trip to our happy place @markshallestate, to see more of these colourful trees blooming.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend. As always, class bookings can be found via the link in the bio. Happy Saturday all.

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Striving for somewhere between welcoming it all; surrendering to it; standing firm and softening into letting go...

It's a lot at the moment, isn't it?!

I was reminded yesterday of how we can't keep upholding the same beliefs about ourselves, the world we live in, and expect a different outcome. As I felt rising anger and frustration in a situation, I was reminded of the importance of this inner fire. It not only helps bring about a needed change, but gives us a chance to re-commit, to re-establish what's important to us.

Changes don't need to be vast and life-changing either. Small details, whether it's creating a bit more space for yourself in your day to breathe, reacquainting yourself with the word 'NO', or remembering what is in your power to question, alter or change, is enough.

As The Chinese proverb tells us: 'Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.' ~ Chinese proverb.

Into the fire it goes 🔥

Have you made any small changes in your life lately that have helped? I'd love to know.

📸: @kikamitchellphotography

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As we hurtle towards the festive season of ‘busy,’ it can feel easy to drop the things that make us feel good.

While nature might be showing us the importance of drawing back, of resting, our culture at this time year suggests otherwise.

So if you feel like your to do list is getting longer; every ounce of spare time is being taken up with more engagements, it’s helpful to remind yourself of how important those little pockets of joy are.

One of the things I continue to learn with this ever-changing practice over the years, is the need to find both flexibility and deep intention within the practice: to work with what’s available in that moment, knowing that the landscape can change in an instant, but also upholding the importance of your Sadhana; your practice.

In classes of late we’ve been exploring cultivating inner resilience. Something I feel we not only need in abundance during these times, but as we head into Winter too.

Today I had 20 minutes (where I could have done a lot of household chores, some work, phone calls etc) but I cultivated my small pocket of joy - which today felt like this.

Nothing fancy, just intuitive breath and movement in whatever clothes I had on post walk, in amongst the children’s toys and it ALL (I know I know, this realness is gonna bomb on the algorithm).

The to do list will always be there. But that small pocket of joy can turn the whole day around.

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‘I’ve learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow.
I’ve learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he/she handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights.
I’ve learned that regardless of your relationship with your parents, you’ll miss them when they’re gone from your life. I’ve learned that making a ‘living’ is not the same thing as making a ‘life.’
I’ve learned that life sometimes gives you a second chance. I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back.
I’ve learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision. I’ve learned that even when I have pains, I don’t have to be one.
I’ve learned that every day you should reach out and touch someone. People love a warm hug, or just a friendly pat on the back. I’ve learned that I still have a lot to learn. I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’ ~ Maya Angelou

Thoughts for the day ♥️ Happy Friday all.

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After a day spent walking in the beautiful sunshine today, these words really landed with me ✨

In our physical #yoga practice we often talk about sensing into the body; not forcing ourselves into poses that don’t feel good or supportive.

Today as I walked I got the chance to think about certain scenarios or situations in my life where I might be pushing a little too hard. Perhaps not respecting that boundary between effort and forcing; hitting the override button in hope of a certain outcome.

It’s easily done, isn’t it?

But when you find yourself in a moment of clarity - be it through a mindful walk, yoga, meditation, journaling, running etc - you’re given an opportunity to reflect.

A moment to remember that we are not our thoughts. And through practice, if we can separate what we think we want with what we truly need, we’re able to make incremental changes that help us live a more fulfilling life.

If you’ve made it this far - I know, bit deep for a Friday 😉 But these small moments matter and in the end, they all add up to some big shifts.

What gives you some much needed headspace in amongst it all? I’d love to know.

Wishing you all a great weekend.

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‘To let go does not mean to get rid of.
To let go means to let be.
When we let be with compassion, things come and go on their own.’ ~ Jack Kornfield.

Wishing everyone a lovely week and for those on half term, enjoy the slower pace. I know we will be.

Classes this week:

Monday - 7.30-8.30pm
Mindful Flow via Yoga at The Mill | Zoom

Wednesday - 8-9pm
Mindful Vinyasa | @beaulieucommunitycentre & Zoom

Need a practice to do in your own time? DM for details of recordings that can be popped into your inbox at a moment’s notice 😊

Have a great week all!

📸: @kikamitchellphotography

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We’ve been exploring the Niyama Tapas, or discipline, in class this week 🔥

Directly translated, Tapas means heat. Delve a little deeper and it’s about determined effort to follow your intuition; your passions, even when the end result isn’t clear or it feels difficult to do so. Tapping into our staying power, Tapas is what gets us to stay in our experience rather than running from it.

For me, engaging in my practice each day, even when it feels more attractive to avoid it, is Tapas in action. When I think about this Niyama I often think of one of my teachers, who during a long meditation practice once told us to mentally repeat the word ‘welcome’ as a mantra when we came up against feelings of real resistance. That served as a reminder that by sticking with what felt, well, incredibly sticky, would lead to possibility on the other side.

Questions I like to ask myself when practicing this, is am I showing up for myself? Am I listening to my instincts? What would serve me best here?

And the crucial bit: not beating yourself up when you sway from the path every once in a while.

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Just over here, trying to be open in heart and mind and welcome in it ‘all’ 🤪

I always find the coming season requires us to dig deep and harness our inner resilience that little bit more.

So every now and then it feels good to ground your feet, throw your arms back and open your heart. It helps.

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We were chatting in class recently and someone asked me how often I practice. It got me thinking about #yogaselfpractice and what we perceive that to be. In the world of social media, often that’s represented by strenuous, lengthy movement. Which, when you’re wanting to start practicing for yourself in your own time, might seem like a really daunting, almost impossible, place to start.

There are of course so many facets to a #yogapractice. So if you find yourself connecting with you breath during your day, you’re practicing yoga. If you take time to find a pause in your day; plant your feet on the ground and notice how you feel, you’re practicing yoga. If you roll out your mat and move in a way that feels good, you’re practicing yoga.

These seemingly small pebbles make up for big ripples over time. Sometimes it’s 5, 10, 15 minutes. Sometimes it’s more. And all of that is OK and valid. The hardest point is starting. Creating those little mindful moments, over time might start to become much needed injections of joy in your day.

I’d love to know what your self practice looks like; if you have one, if you’re thinking of starting and what might help you get going. Feel free to drop me a message in the comments below ⬇️

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‘It is a strange paradox, that many of the clearest, most comforting life lessons, are learned while we are at our lowest.’ ~ Matt Haig

One of the greatest gifts Ive learnt from the practice of yoga, is one of checking in with myself as a frequent ritual. Taking time to notice how I feel, where I feel it, how my breath feels and having an intention to sit with it kindly has become daily practice.

This has been huge, through times of great joy and happiness, but also in the darkness. It’s as though awareness shines a light and from there it’s the first step up and out when we re able.

As today is #worldmentalhealthday, I thought I’d share one of my go to meditative practices for the challenging times. It’s inspired by a teaching from the phenomenal @michaelstoneteaching to come back to the present moment when you’re in times of overwhelm, anxiety or the grips of depression.

Rather than anchoring your attention to your breath in meditation, try using sound. When you’re in a spiral, coming to the breath doesn’t always feel safe or trustworthy. Sound draws you into the present moment but isn’t body-focused, which might feel painful at the time.

Find a comfortable seat for meditation and allow your ears to open to sound. Almost as though the passage of your ears is totally clear, unrestricted, and open to receive sounds.

Let your intention be to simply notice sound rather than involving yourself in it; acknowledging sounds in your space; someone talking in the background, sounds of traffic in the street outside. Be aware but uninvolved, just simply notice. Then let your attention come back to sounds closer to you; in your house, your room etc. When the mind wanders, as it’s designed to, simply come back to sound and the feeling of the ears being wide open.

It’s a practice that I routinely enjoy, I hope you do too.

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