Yoga Classes For Children

Little Yoga Studio specialises in teaching yoga to children ages 3-11 in schools, group sessions and private classes. Teaching in Chelmsford and around Essex using the renowned Yoga Bananas Technique.

Adult Yoga Classes

Our yoga classes in Chelmsford strengthen our connection to Self through mindful movement, breathing and relaxation. Taught in weekly groups or private sessions, these classes are suitable for all.

Family Yoga Classes

A fun and inspiring activity for parent and child. Our family yoga classes introduce yoga poses through creative storytelling, with breathing exercises, mindful games and relaxation to enjoy together.

Children’s & Adults Yoga
Chelmsford & Across Essex

Little Yoga Studio offers yoga classes in Chelmsford, Essex to children and adults. Our aim is to share the wonderful benefits of yoga – deepening our connection to ourselves and others – with all ages and levels of experience.

Our children’s yoga classes, for ages 3-11, explore their natural flexibility. Helping them nurture a positive image of themselves and others; inspiring their imaginations through poses told in the form of creative adventures.

Using the Yoga Bananas Technique, there are over 170 techniques for children to explore, all of which increase their physical and mental strength, stamina and poise. Each encourage an emphasis on the breath, channel their physical energy and support their wellbeing.

For adults, we teach dynamic and uplifting yoga classes in Chelmsford. Restoring and strengthening unity between the body and mind through mindful movement, breathing and deep relaxation.

Suitable for all levels of experience, our Vinyasa Flow style classes are perfect for those new to yoga as well as those looking to deepen their experience.

Based in Chelmsford, Little Yoga Studio teaches yoga classes weekly groups, private classes, yoga studios and schools.

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“For what it’s worth: it’s never too late or too early to be wherever you want to be. There’s no time limit, stop whenever you want, you can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. And I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not. I hope you have the courage to start all over again.” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Snapshot of my little guru reminding me, as ever, to be open to it all.

Yoga & Mindfulness classes this week:

Monday 7.30-8.30pm
Mindful Flow, Zoom

Tuesday 7.30-8.30pm
Mindfulness & Meditation (cover), Zoom

Wednesday 8-9pm
Mindful Vinyasa, @beaulieucommunitycentre & Zoom

Sunday 9-10.30am
Morning Yoga Outdoors @markshallestate

Details for all in the bio. Here’s to a beautiful week ahead.

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Forever finding inspiration for my #yogapractice by simply looking up 🙏🏻

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Looking forward to a few practices looking like this for a while 🏝 ☀️

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Ever wondered what an outdoor yoga class might look like? 🌿

I’m absolutely loving sharing yoga practices outside. The feeling of the air on your skin, the birds in the trees, the trees blowing in the breeze…There’s an amazing connection to be found there.

Here’s a snapshot of where I shared a practice this week. Fancy joining me for some outdoor yoga? Check out class details via the link in the bio.

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As we approach the summer break, some of our home practices might start to look like this (or if you’re like me, they might already) ⬆️🤪

But whether you’re building towers out of blocks mid your home practice; turning your downward dog into a cave for someone to crawl under, or pausing to breathe while trying to make a cup of tea in the chaos, know that your classes are still here for you!

In person and online yoga classes will continue over the summer holidays, and we’ll be exploring finding a sense of grounding and stability through our practice. And who knows, it might become an hour of guaranteed peace in amongst all the non-stop fun of the holidays 🙏🏻

Schedule this week is looking like this:

Monday 7.30-8.30pm
Mindful Vinyasa via Zoom
Yoga at the Mill

Wednesday 8-9pm
Mindful Vinyasa
@beaulieucommunitycentre & Zoom

Sunday 9-10.30
Morning Yoga Outdoors

All classes are bookable via the link in the bio. Happy sunny Monday to all ☀️

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Anyone else feeling a bit pushed to their limits at the moment? In class this week we were talking about how it all feels a bit exhausting right now. Life feels full; perhaps a bit too much, and as we head towards the end of the school term it feels like there’s a lot on.

At the start of a new month, I always like to set intentions for myself and for my teaching: What might we like to bring in for ourselves this month? If we slow down, what does it feel like we need?

Taking time to pause and feel is integral to our practice. What are your intentions for July? I’d love to know.

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May you awaken to the mystery of being here and enter the quiet immensity of your own presence.

May you have joy and peace in the temple of your senses.

May you receive great encouragement when new frontiers beckon.

May you respond to the call of your gift and find the courage to follow its path.

May the flame of anger free you from falsity.

May the warmth of heart keep your presence aflame and may anxiety never linger about you.

May your outer dignity mirror an inner dignity of soul.

May you take time to celebrate the quiet miracles that seek no attention.

May you be consoled in the secret symmetry of your soul.

May you experience each day as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder.

I read the poem, The Blessing by John O’Donohue, in class recently and decided I wanted it to live here as well.

It’s really easy to get caught up in it all isn’t it… Reminding yourself to pause, to take in the beauty of it all is a good way to bring you back to what really matters ♥️

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Today marks not only the International Day of Yoga but the Summer Solstice. But just what do these things mean to you?✨

As we head into the second half of the year, when the sun reaches its peak, we’re given the opportunity to stand still and take stock; to consider what we’d like to let go of and what we’d like to welcome in.

Often in our yoga practice we’re invited to lean in to the present moment. To acknowledge how we’re feeling, where we are and what we’re needing. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how far we’ve come, the journey we’ve been on; what we’ve learnt and lost, without some moments for reflection.

Instagram is so often a highlights reel. Trying to find some moments to capture how I feel about this practice and what it continues to teach me is nigh on impossible. These photos show the highs, as who captures the lows? Today I ll be personally considering what the Solstice offers and taking the opportunity to stop and lean in. Being so harsh on myself, the constant force of Ishavara Pranidhana (surrender) and having the courage to let go of ideals, relationships and expectations being up there for me.

Some things to consider/journal/meditate upon:

✨ What do I want to let go of?
✨ What has been weighing me down and what makes me feel lighter?
✨ How do I want my life to look over the next few months? What changes/practices might I bring in to encourage that to happen?
✨ What intentions might I set for myself going forward to help me align to my true nature?

Solstice blessings one and all ✌🏻

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Roughly eight seconds of #pinchamayurasana is about all I’ve got in me during this heatwave 😅

Now off to fill up the paddling pool.

Wishing you all a happy, sunny and hopefully chilled weekend.

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One of the things I never truly considered when I first stepped into a yoga class 20 years ago, was the community that would come with it. From making friends with my teachers over the years, to other yogis in the class, to the lifelong friends I’ve met on courses, and finally - in my own classes.

The word ‘yoga’ derives from the Sanskrit root “Yuj,” which means “to join,” “to unite.” The connection we feel with ourselves and each other is a reminder of our Oneness, of our togetherness - our shared humanity.

Finding community is so vital to us all. In our classes together, I love how when we come together to practice it’s not simply for the practice itself, but the enjoyment of being in a room with people you can call friends. From general chat about practice, how we re feeling, to what we’ve been watching on TV, it’s all part of the special experience.

Big love to our little yoga community ✌🏻 Such a pleasure to share space with you each week. Happy Tuesday all.

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A lot happens during a yoga practice. So much bubbles to the surface… Some of it feels uncomfortable, unwanted, frustrating, really, really sticky… Sometimes it’s like a river has burst its banks and its just pouring out… Other times it’s like the sweetest relief, pure easeful joy.

Do you know what I mean? Have you felt this way?

Some years ago I took a class with a teacher for the first time. About halfway through, I just burst silently into tears. The rest of the practice continued that way. I’m not even entirely sure why, but it was like a deep unlocking.

I saw these words again recently and felt it really beautifully explained what we can experience moment to moment and sometimes, during a yoga practice.

A constant intention of mine is to sit with what arises. It’s a struggle. I mention it in my classes. Can you meet yourself where you are? Welcome this version of you today? Sitting with, whatever that ‘it’ might be; without forcing, judging, or moving away from. As sometimes that ‘it’ just needs a gentle observer for it to evolve. Like a friend’s quiet, kind ear.

It helps.

Just some Thursday thoughts.

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Back from a few days away in the beautiful Cotswolds. Practice has been snatched and scattered, so enjoying some gentle easing in while the little people rest. As much as I love going away and seeing new places, I also love coming home. That time away highlights those simple things you treasure too.

Just showing my face on here to tell you Morning Yoga at @markshallestate is on this Sunday. Link in bio to book.

Also, I’m teaching at @sweatybetty Chelmsford on Sunday, June 19. I ll pop the link in my bio for you to join too.

Wishing you all a lovely bank holiday weekend.

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When we move away from focusing on the end result, the destination, and instead enjoy and feel each stage of the journey ♥️

Do you move with intention?

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