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Little Yoga Studio specialises in teaching yoga to children ages 3-11 in schools, group sessions and private classes. Teaching in Chelmsford and around Essex using the renowned Yoga Bananas Technique.

Adult Yoga Classes

Our yoga classes in Chelmsford strengthen our connection to Self through mindful movement, breathing and relaxation. Taught in weekly groups or private sessions, these classes are suitable for all.

Family Yoga Classes

A fun and inspiring activity for parent and child. Our family yoga classes introduce yoga poses through creative storytelling, with breathing exercises, mindful games and relaxation to enjoy together.

Children’s & Adults Yoga
Chelmsford & Across Essex

Little Yoga Studio offers yoga classes in Chelmsford, Essex to children and adults. Our aim is to share the wonderful benefits of yoga – deepening our connection to ourselves and others – with all ages and levels of experience.

Our children’s yoga classes, for ages 3-11, explore their natural flexibility. Helping them nurture a positive image of themselves and others; inspiring their imaginations through poses told in the form of creative adventures.

Using the Yoga Bananas Technique, there are over 170 techniques for children to explore, all of which increase their physical and mental strength, stamina and poise. Each encourage an emphasis on the breath, channel their physical energy and support their wellbeing.

For adults, we teach dynamic and uplifting yoga classes in Chelmsford. Restoring and strengthening unity between the body and mind through mindful movement, breathing and deep relaxation.

Suitable for all levels of experience, our Vinyasa Flow style classes are perfect for those new to yoga as well as those looking to deepen their experience.

Based in Chelmsford, Little Yoga Studio teaches yoga classes weekly groups, private classes, yoga studios and schools.

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A SNEAK PEEK of our retreat space for September 2024!

I couldn’t be more excited about the upcoming The Art of Letting Go Retreat this September 20-22, in beautiful Suffolk.

From the views that surround the gorgeous yoga studio, to the comfy rooms and modern facilities to rest deeply in; to the many spaces to relax, chat and unwind in between sessions. And that’s without the stunning surrounding landscape where you can go for walks, or find a spot to watch the sunset from.

I’m starting to think we need more than a weekend…!

If you would like to find out more about this retreat, then comment RETREAT below and I ll email you with full details and ways to pay.

The first few spaces have gone and I’m so excited to see a wonderful community coming together already!

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Shoutout to every yogi who has practiced with me this week ✨

I always have a moment in each class, online, in person, 1:1 or otherwise, where I feel so grateful for each of your energy, your time and for the opportunity to share and explore a practice with you.

You each bring something unique and I’m so grateful for this little community we are building.

We have been exploring transitions and finding steadiness and ease, Sthira Sukha, in our practices this week. Here is to continuing to strike that important balance in all areas of our lives; readdressing the balance when we need to and always, always, taking time to pause and listen.

Happy Friday all ✨

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A snapshot of life lately… ✨

New classes in new spaces, yoga & sound journeys, planning a weekend retreat (eeek!) and all the in between.

I had a thought while I was journaling the other day about the value of reflection. It’s so easy to breeze through all that we move through in our lives without pausing for a breath.

Yet if we never pause, we miss the opportunity to acknowledge the challenges we have overcome; to appreciate the successful moves we have made; the things we have learnt and the unexpected joys or fears we have uncovered.

In truth, if I don’t make space for a pause, I often feel I miss things. Stuff that matters.

Just thought I would leave this here as a reminder to stop every once in a while. To see the fullness of all that life offers, and maybe even congratulate yourself on finally finishing that tax return.

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Often we go to a yoga class with some preconceived ideas of what to expect.

From what the teacher will share, to whether your inner critic will pop up, to who else is in the class; we can create a whole scenario of things that actually, might never even happen.

It got me thinking about the other, unexpected joys of yoga that we might experience in a group class. Inspired by one of my morning students, who said she was so grateful to have this practice despite previously thinking she was not a morning person, I put together a few things you might learn in a class that you didn’t expect.

Have you got anymore? I’d love to hear yours ⬇️

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Just leaving the beautiful words of Danna Faulds here, as a reminder of this exquisite moment, this exquisite life.

Yoga is a an anchor to the present moment. A reminder that this is the only moment we every truly have ♥️

It’s never too late to begin. Or to start again.

Happy Friday one and all. It’s been a pleasure to practice with you this week.

Join me on the mat next week, at one of the below:

Mindful Flow
7.30-8.30pm via Zoom

Beginners’ Flow
9.40-10.40am @notleyyoga

Mindful Vinyasa
8-9pm @beaulieucommunity & live on Zoom

Yoga & Sound Healing
6-8pm @patchcolchester

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The physicality of our yoga practice is, for some of us, how we first experience the world of yoga. And while I could write at length how asana is just one part of the vast yoga landscape, it can be a way for us to explore our inner world.

What’s paramount is that we take this exploration with a sense of great care, self compassion and understanding.

My question at the start of many classes and weaved indefinitely throughout, is how might it feel if we saw our yoga practice as an opportunity to feel? A journey to explore and connect inwardly; to nurture from the inside out?

What might we discover if we viewed it as a personal journey IN, rather than an external practice happening on the outside?

Some thoughts.

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Thought I would pop my face on the grid, say hi and happy Sunday.

How’s your January going so far? I’m definitely still in the depths of that Winter energy; feeling a pull to hibernate, move slowly and not rush. With all the ‘New Year New You’ messaging around, it feels almost rebellious to just do you, in your own time.

If you are looking to practice yoga this year, perhaps join the rebellion, you can find practices that honour the season and your energy, below.

One of my new classes starts this week at @revivehealthchelmsford. First class is FREE. As always, link in the bio to book.

Mindful Flow
Zoom via Yoga at the Mill

Morning Yoga
@notleyyoga (starts next week)

Mindful Vinyasa

Morning Yoga @revivehealthchelmsford

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Hiiiii 👋🏻 A little reintroduction for 2024.

Thought I would jump on the trend and say hi and share some of the new things I have coming for the year ahead. If you’re looking to start yoga, continue or deepen your practice, or maybe even go on a retreat, feel free to say hello, drop me a message, or join us in one of the spaces below. All are welcome.

Mindful Flow
7.30pm via Zoom for Yoga at the Mill


Beginner’s Flow
9.40am at @notleyyoga

Mindful Vinyasa
8pm at @beaulieucommunity & live on Zoom

Morning Yoga
9.40am at @revivehealthchelmsford

Select Sundays
Nurture Nights - Yoga & Sound Healing
6pm at @patchcolchester

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2023 has been a year of making connections and trusting the process.

Im so grateful to the people I’ve met, shared space with in a class, made lifelong connections with, learnt from, lived alongside and loved.

My word for 2023 was TRUST. And it will still be a focus for 2024, along with having the COURAGE to lean in, knowing my practice is my guide.

Wishing you all love for 2024. But above all I’m wishing for peace, everywhere.

I’m back teaching soon, with the first class of 2024 being a nurturing yoga & sound healing session at @patchcolchester on Jan 7. Book via the link in the bio.

What’s your intention for the new year? 👇🏻

#littleyogastudio #newyear #newyearsameme #intentions #newyearintentions

I love the call to pause and reflect at this time of year.

It’s so easy to neglect the small moments of change, growth and learning we have had without taking a pause to reflect. Instagram is so often a highlights reel - as this video is - as let’s face it, who takes pictures of the tough times?

But spending time processing the year that has been and dreaming for the year to come, shows up many things we might otherwise have missed, and plants seeds for new life to grow.

I’m looking forward to taking a much-needed break with my little fam, with gratitude for each and every single one of you who has come to class or on retreat with me this year. I feel our community soared this year - and I can’t wait to expand it further in 2024.

Winding down for Christmas now but remember there is one class running on December 28th at 8pm via Zoom. Join us for some flow and Yoga Nidra - this class is by donation; a gift from me to you.

Hoping you find some peace, rest and sprinkles of joy throughout the Christmas period.

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A little offering from me to you during the festive period 🎅🏼 💫

Join me on Thursday, December 28 at 8pm for Mindful Vinyasa & Yoga Nidra: The Festive Edition!

This practice will work on easing out the body and mind after the busy Christmas period, before finding a deep sense of rest with Yoga Nidra.

Class will run via Zoom & recordings are available if you can’t make it live. Seeing as this time of year is £££, this class is running as a donation only class, so come along and pay what works for you.

Any questions, drop me a message and booking is via the link in the bio.

Hope to see you there!

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What we’re exploring in class this week ✨


You know you can do more… but how might it feel to do less?

In what seems like an act of rebellion in the ‘season of busy,’ we are exploring how it feels to do less.

Slowing down to feel, explore and sense what is needed in this moment. Not pushing, striving or moving without awareness, but gently enquiring: how can I honour my energy?

In mindfulness, we often talk about being stuck in auto-pilot. We can be like this for hours, days, weeks, months or even years, and it’s in this going from one thing to the next without pausing that robs us of the present.

These practices over the month of December are all about the sacred pause.

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This yoga journey is one that ever evolves; changes shape and creates new meaning, but one thing it never fails to do is enable me to be with myself through the difficult times.

As in truth, some of the most powerful shifts I’ve experienced through yoga have come when I’m barely moving at all.

I practice not for a desired shape, but to cultivate resilience for life’s inevitable ups and downs.

For whatever reason you come to your practice, or you decide to try a class, know that there is so much to inwardly explore ✨

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YOGA & SOUND NURTURE EVENINGS at @patchcolchester 🧘 🌸

Unwinding, taking time to nurture ourselves in amongst all else there is to do, couldn’t feel more important right now.

As how often do we really take time for ourselves? When do we create space to slow down; to connect inwardly and to receive how we’re feeling with compassion?

Our Yoga & Sound Healing evenings are dedicated to exactly this: time carved out of our busy schedules to choose ourselves; to choose rest and time to nurture ourselves, inside and out.

Excited to share that myself and Siobhan @balancedhealthhut will be back at the cosy @patchcolchester monthly, so make a note in your diaries:

December 17
January 7
February 4

Join us for a soothing, gentle yoga flow, breathwork, sound healing and meditation.

New dates are now booking, so head to the link in the bio to book your spot.

#littleyogastudio #relaxation #soundhealing #colchesteryoga #yogacolchester #essexyoga #yogaandsound #yogaevenings #yogareels #yogaworkshop

Ive found life has felt like A LOT lately.

And while it’s not one big thing, the smaller things are tough. The constant worry of loved ones’ mental health, motherhood pressures, the endless to-do list that ramps up at this time of year; other people’s expectations of what they want you to do right now.

Like many people, I’m a natural people pleaser. But I’ve really had to give this part of myself a talking to lately.

I’ve been down the road of burnout one too many times. So now that I sense overwhelm building, I’m putting into place all of my non-negotiables - even though that still feels hard, but thankfully no longer impossible, after all these years.

And the common theme behind them all, is doing less. Resting. Putting in place important boundaries. Saying no. It can almost feel counter-productive when there is so much to be done, but it’s these practices that make us more resilient to cope with the building pressure.

Lots of breathwork, constructive rest (my teacher calls the above “the world traveller plus of constructive rest” - I love this), meditation and Yoga Nidra are daily non-negotiables.

As really, it’s all OK. Life is full of ups and downs. But when we pay more attention to our inner landscape, to listen to all that our bodies are telling us, we can learn to ride the waves a little better.

This week’s practices are all about DOING LESS. Join us online or in person via the links in the bio.

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